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About Us

Las Vegas is one of the top cities for animals and animal lovers.  As a result, Las Vegas is full of diverse animal rescues and sanctuaries who make it their mission to rescue, foster, and find homes for animals in need.  They rely heavily on donations and fundraising to meet their financial needs while juggling the many duties involved with animal welfare.  Few of them have the money, time, and volunteer base that it takes to fundraise.  This is where PAWcasso is happy to help.


What is PAWcasso Las Vegas?

PAWcasso Las Vegas is a 501 (c) 3 corporation that specializes in the education and awareness of local animal rescues and their needs.  We also put on an annual art auction fundriaser and other events throughout the year to help benefit local rescues.


Who is PAWcasso Las Vegas?

PAWcasso Las Vegas is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, a fundraising steering committee, and volunteers.


Who can participate in PAWcasso?

Any local 501 (c) 3 animal rescue, sanctuary, welfare, and awareness group can be beneficiaries of PAWcasso Las Vegas events and services.


What other services does PAWcasso provide?

PAWcasso board members often use personal funds to aid in assisting animals in need.  Whether it is paying a vet bill, transporting an animal, or rescuing an animal off the streets, PAWcasso tries to help wherever it can.  You can read about some of our success stories here.

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