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Success Stories



​Mazda was 6 week old kitten that was found in a parking lot drinking water.  When rescuers tried to help him, he crawled up into a car engine...of a Mazda!  After an hour of coaxing, rescuers were finally able to catch the little kitten, but he was in bad shape.  He was taken to Bonanza Cat Hospital where he was treated for a URI, an eye infection, and dehydration.  PAWcasso was able to pay for all of his care, and because of Christy Santoro and the Poppy Foundation, Mazda soon recovered and found a fur-ever home.



​Lady, a diminutive chihuaha, was the victim of a dog attack by a much larger dog while on a walk with her owner.   Her jaw was severly broken, and she needed surgery to remove a portion of her shattered bone.  Her owner did not have the funds to pay for her care, and was told the only alternative was euthanasia.   PAWcasso was informed of the situation and decided to step in and pay for the treatement.  Lady had her surgery, and is now healthy and still enjoying life.



​Buddy was like many dogs that sometimes get loose and wander around.  He was found and taken to the county shelter.  Luckily, his owners were notified and went to claim their family dog.  However, they did not have the funds to pay the fine to release Buddy.  They asked PAWcasso Las Vegas for help, and we were able to provide emergency assistance so they could get their family member back.



Lucky and his human are some of the many homeless you might see on any given day in the Las Vegas area.   Lucky's owner refused to acccept any help that would require him to give up his dog, and because of this, he was not allowed to sleep at the shelters, go to food banks, or even ride the bus.  Their future wasn't looking so bright.  We befreinded Lucky and his owner, and realized that we were in a position where we could connect him with the services he needed.   By calling upon several local organizations, we were able to get his owner counseling, shelter, food, and meds.  Now he and Lucky are on their way to a fresh start.

Apart from fundraising for our beneficiaries, PAWcasso is always trying to assist animals in need.  We also provide funds for emergency veterinary care or adoption/pull fees to rescues and individuals in Las Vegas.

 Below are just some of the stories we would like to share.

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